The Oslo-based producers collective New Banke was formed over a night. They all met the first time in March 2020, sharing a beer and celebrating drummer, Bård Berg's birthday. Julia Wiklund had new material to share and had a gut feeling about gathering Bård, Andrea Horstad, Torkil Hjelle and Arvid Ingvarsson to interpretate a bunch of demos. They were all excited about the music and hoped the new virus wasn't going to get too serious.

A week later the national lock-down was a fact and a near future for music making didn't look too bright. A small opportunity opened up when Julia claimed New Banke as her final project at Music Conservatory (this, before they even had played together). In the chaos of the pandemic the government granted some exceptional premissions in order for the graduating students to realize their final projects and get the degree. It meant they got a dedicated space to create for three whole months.

In this period seven songs was recorded and Julia got her degree with the comment "...some extra-ordinary techno-rap."